The Village of Pinhão

The village Pinhão is the ideal place for a memorable vacation with all family!

Here you will find everything you need for an active holiday or to enjoy moments of pure relaxation.

Wander through the jagged hillsides, walking or cycling, either cross the calm waters of the rivers Douro and Pinhão, by boat or kayak, are some of the activities you can enjoy. Just put on the backpack and go ahead.

Visit the wineries of the famous farms in the region and taste the best categories of Douro and Port wines. Savor also the excellent olive oils and other traditional gourmet products.
Do you know a better way to perfect your senses?

Come admire the beautiful railway station of Pinhão and its frontages decorated with tiles and dare to travel through the Douro railway line, otherwise, get in the car and set out to the discovery of the modern neighbor cities, such as Peso da Régua, Lamego or Vila Real.

You will be surprised and delighted with the historical and architectural heritage.

Do not miss also the wide variety of typical dishes and traditional desserts that compose the vast gastronomic wealth of the region.

In Pinhão you will find many top quality restaurants.

Be in a luxurious hotel, in a cozy cottage, like ours, or even aboard of a yacht, come relax in Pinhão!